Kempston Rural School of Dance

Classes are held at All Saint’s Church Hall, Kempston.

For more information please call 07828455568


Class Timetable from Sept 2019

***Coronavirus Update***

We intend to continue running classes for as long as possible.

We may have to delay the Summer Term’s start date, please be patient with us as we await more news. We will keep you all posted as and when we receive the necessary info.


5.00-5.45pm: Reception Year Ballet + Tap


4.00-4.15pm: Pre School Tap

4.15-4.45pm: Pre School Ballet

4.45-5.15pm: Cheerleading (Reception, Yr 1 + 2)

5.15-5.45pm: Primary ballet (Year 1+2)

5.45-6pm: Primary Tap (Year 1+2)

4.10-4.40pm: Reception Year Ballet

4.45-5pm: Primary Tap (Reception, Yr1 +2)

5-5.30pm: Primary Ballet (Year 1+2)

5.30-6pm: Grade 1 Tap (Yr 3, 4, 5)

6-6.30pm: Standard 2 Ballet (Yr 3, 4, 5)

 Term Dates:

Spring Term

Term starts on: Mon 13th Jan
Term ends on: Friday 3rd April
Half term will be: Week of Mon 17th Feb

Summer Term

Term starts on: Mon 27th April
Term ends on: Friday 17th July
Half term will be: Week of Mon 25th May

***NO CLASSES ON FRIDAY 26th JUNE*** ( I am on a course). We WILL however be running classes on Fri 8th May even though this is a Bank Holiday.


Prices & Uniform:

Classes: £4.50/class for ballet or £6.50/class for Ballet + Tap (paid termly). You will receive an invoice once you have enrolled in the class with all payment details and info.

You can order uniform directly through Miss Amy.

Uniform for Pre- School – Primary:

Girls: Pink Ballet dress, Pink Cardigan, Pink tights/socks, Pink Ballet shoes

Boys: White Tshirt, navy/black shorts, white socks, white/black ballet shoes

Uniform for Standard 1+

Girls: Lilac leotard, Lilac Skirt, pink tights/socks, pink ballet shoes

Boys: White Tshirt, navy/black shorts, white socks, white/black ballet shoes



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